October, 2010

An Outrage - Keep Reading

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Arthur Delaney: arthur@huffingtonpost.com | Reporter, First Posted: 10-28-10 04:10 PM, Updated: 10-28-10 05:15 PM


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama defended his administration’s beleaguered foreclosure-prevention initiatives on Wednesday by arguing that more aggressive steps to assist homeowners might help people who don’t deserve to be helped.

DAVID: Excuse me? Are you the guy I voted for, the guy I donated money to, the guy I told my Hillary supporting friends to consider?

HUFF PO: Asked if his administration had done enough to stem the foreclosure crisis, Obama opted not to address the foreclosure fraud scandal that has forced banks to temporarily halt home repossessions across the country. Instead, he claimed that the government’s efforts had stabilized the housing market, and argued that the “biggest challenge” was to make sure speculators and deadbeats didn’t take advantage of the government’s help.

DAVID: So, Mr. President, the banks that were bailed out, the CEO’s you saved and who received huge bonuses, there were no “speculators” among them?

Wait, there’s more.

HUFF PO: “The biggest challenge is how do you make sure that you are helping those who really deserve help and if they get some temporary help can get back on their feet, make their payments and move forward and stay in their home versus either people who are speculators, own second homes that they really couldn’t afford because they’d gotten a subprime loan, and people who through no fault of their own just can’t afford their house anymore because of the change in housing values or their incomes don’t support it,” Obama said during a roundtable discussion with a handful of progressive bloggers at the White House.

“And we’re always trying to find that sweet spot to use as much of the money that we have available to us to help those who can be helped, without wasting that money on folks who don’t deserve help,” he continued. “And that’s a tough balance to strike.”

DAVID: Mr. President, I don’t remember you asking the CEOs and COOs and CFOs and all the other Os if they “deserved help” when you bailed out the banks. The bonuses that the Os received, the ones your administration said it couldn’t stop must be the “sweet spot” you were looking for.

You are crushing the middle class between your fingers like a bug, Mr. President. I don’t understand why politicians like you think that’s a good idea. But mostly I wonder why it doesn’t bother you.

Boyhood, Growing Up Male - “It Gets Better”

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

I just discovered that LELA MAE, a story I wrote, is online, along with the rest of the anthology, BOYHOOD, GROWING UP MALE, edited by Franklin Abbott.  The stories and essays in the anthology are, if anything, more relevant today than they were when the book was first published.  I’m speaking of the recent suicides of young gay men:  Raymond Chase, Billy Lucas, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh and Tyler Clementi. I imagine I feel what parents felt after the Columbine shootings, I can’t shake it.

This website of mine that I love is an antique, it was written with code from the mid-nineties that is no longer used today, so it doesn’t always do auto links.  Either click the highlighted link below or copy and paste it. 

Either way you’ll get to BOYHOOD, GROWING UP MALE, an anthology of men remembering and pondering their boyhoods.

Every man has been a boy.

It Gets Better. 


SUICIDE: Raymond Chase, Billy Lucas, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh and Tyler Clementi

Friday, October 1st, 2010

I am so fucking sick and tired of this madness. I hold all the politicians, all the “religious” panderers and preachers out there who pontificate about their hate for gay people and ride on their hate of them so they can get news coverage and raise money - I hold them responsible for the deaths, by suicide, of the young boys mentioned above. I hold all the people who say let’s wait on gay rights, it’s not the right time, the economy sucks, yes you Obama, I hold you responsible for the deaths, by suicide. If you put a topic out there, as you did during the campaign, and then leave it hanging because you’re too chicken shit to have a fight with the Republicans, let me tell you this - as long as adults act on their prejudices, how can we expect their children to do any differently?

And you, Mr. 50 Fucking Cents, rapper asshole, you are responsible for these deaths. One question, 50 Cents, was it your dream to be an artist or was it your dream to make money and use that money and fame to spread your juvenile hate? I’ll debate you anywhere, asshole. Call me out.

I wish to God I could have talked to these boys. I wish I could have told them that once they got away from their hellish childhoods they could create a life that is worth living, that it is possible to find the freedom to love whomever you want to love, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, as long as you don’t want to get married.


Did the two rabid Rutgers University students have nothing better to do than secretly videotape Tyler Clementi kissing another man during their first few weeks in college? What is wrong with them? Why did they do it? Why weren’t they out dancing, making love, eating dinner, or heaven forbid, Studying??? I hope you both go to jail. But I doubt you will. You will whine and moan like the cowards you are.


Let’s move on to Bishop Eddie Long, millionaire preacher from a Mega Church in Atlanta who lured boys to his lair. (What exactly is a Mega Church and why do they exist?) He should be held accountable for his hypocrisy. Why why why is it that men of the cloth wreak havoc on gay men? (The Pope should have been arrested when he left Vatican City last month.)

And you, Assistant Attorney General in the state of Michigan, Mr. Andrew Shirvell, I hold you accountable for these suicides. WHY haven’t you been fired? You wage an internet campaign against the gay man who is student body president at the University of Michigan? You are a wimp, why don’t you go and talk with him, oh, I forgot, you are waging an internet and media campaign. How safe for you, little shit-eating earthworm.

No wonder these boys did not see another way out. No wonder! Because the hate mongers and bullies have so much support in the media, in politics, in churches for God’s sake.


I am sick and tired of this madness. I wish I had known you all - Raymond Chase, Billy Lucas, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh and Tyler Clementi. Maybe I could have done more justice to your memories if I had. As it is, I’m angry because my heart is broken. I’m angry because I don’t know what to do.