January, 2020

Happy New Year

Sunday, January 19th, 2020

January 19, 2020 Comment to NYT’s columnist Maureen Dowd

DHC | Hillcrest, CA

I almost gave up on Ms Dowd after last weekend’s column, having been a fan for years. I’m happy I hung in there for this weekend’s column, though. It is difficult for me to even read Mr Starr’s name, much less witness him being thrust back into another Impeachment trial. A more despicable, morally compromised man cannot be found in the country. Then add Dershowitz into the sordid mix and we have, oh yes, Trump to thank, yet another poisoned pill who is intent on debasing and degrading our country to the point where it will take a generation of hot showers to wash off the stink and lies forced upon America by jowly white men who cannot fathom giving up power, cannot imagine not being in the news, their mugshots about to be displayed, once again, on the bedraggled American soul as the trial begins, the trials they cannot end.