January, 2009

Cats and Democrats

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

I find it historically stunning and worth noting that the Republicans found their voices as soon as Bush flew off the White House lawn and Obama took office.  Just two weeks ago the only person who gave the House and Senate Republicans a voice was Obama.  Where was their leader, their President, Mr. Bush, then?  Just a few weeks ago, the only person in Washington working his ass off to build a coalition that mirrored the citizens who elected him was Obama.  He hasn’t been in office a week so far and yet Republicans and their talking head spores are hoping and praying he will not succeed.  I’ll file them and their sentiments under a caption that reads, “LOSERS.”  Or capital “L” above the forehead.  Or a term most befitting, “failures.”

To the Democrats in Congress, I have eight words:  ”Leave your egos at the door and fight.”  Obama can afford to reach out and build a coalition across party lines, you cannot.  You better not let him down, you better be partisan and get the damn job done.  Otherwise, let Webb from Virginia replace Reid, (let anyone replace Reid), and find a replacement for Pelosi unless she supports Obama and gets every Democrat in line.  I’m tired of the analogy that bringing Democrats together is like herding cats.  Cats are intuitive and smart.  They also have sharp tongues.  Remember that Pelosi.  It takes a President and a House to get things done in DC. 

President Obama, His own Genre

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Barack Obama does not remind me of any historical figures, he does not remind me of any characters in fiction, he does not even remind me of icons in rock and roll songs, and this from someone who still plays vinyl on a Fisher turntable with 2 1/2 foot high wooden Jansen speakers. 

He does not remind me of anyone I know. 

I will get a good night’s sleep tomorrow night, on all levels.     

A Bye Bye from Bush

Friday, January 16th, 2009

“There’s an old saying here in California, I mean in west Texas, did I just say I live in California, I’m in Texas, but not right now, I’m in Washington, I’m the President.  Anyway I can fool me once but you can’t fool me again, and our job in the war on terra is to forget about it because well, that’s not why I got this job, I mean ask Scale, that guy on the court, or behind first base, the Supreme justice guy who told me to forget about how I was chosen to be commander in disbelief, I mean in hindsight, he told me to forget about it.  God bless America.” 

– “GWB, no GHB, my initials, you know what I mean by now.”


Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Update: All my postings from December 10 until now are lost forever in the cyber-trash-heap because my web host, Colizer, dumped me without my permission (another story), including my reaction to Obama choosing Rick Warren for the Invocation at the Inauguration. No way can I muster my anger and disappointment about that topic again. Too much has happened since then. I’m in a better mood, for one thing.

Now, an excerpt from “Rattlesnake Momma,” my new novel:

My mother called tonight, she remembered my birthday. I was afraid she had forgotten because she has dementia. Or dementia has her. Take your pick. She’s still living at home because she married one of her husbands for the third time and he’s taking care of her. My heart has been split in half for a year about the situation but now I’m stitching the two halves together again. I can’t afford to lose anyone I love or anyone who loves me. Love is too precious to abandon.