August, 2009

Dominick Dunne, 1925 - 2009

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Rest in Peace.  You are the one and only . . . 

Political Discourse in America, Part 2

Monday, August 17th, 2009

I do not understand why people are bringing guns to Obama town hall meetings. I do not understand why people are bringing guns to town hall meetings period. Did I forget to wake up for a decade? What has happened to my country?

It’s all about might, right? Not about facts, but about who has the biggest gun, the most guns, right?

Our health care system is in peril. A public option is vital. But it’s about death panels, right? About guns, right? About lies, right?

I don’t have any answers, I am too mesmerized by what I see and hear and read during this long August month. I don’t even watch TV “news” except for excerpts on the web and then what I find is opinion, not news. Not facts. Not honest debates.

I live in California, a state that is bankrupt, a state that is filled with bankrupt people. This is not the California I fell in love with in 1974 or 1962 for that matter, when I lived here with my mom, dad, and sister after Dad broke his back in a car accident.

So, I do not recognize my state. I do not recognize my country. I do not relate to the zealous people who carry guns to town hall meetings and National Parks.

I am grateful that I’m a writer, that I have a new script and a new novel to work on because without them, I frankly think I would go crazy. Or toss in my U.S currency, my U.S. chips and move to Ibiza or Scotland. I still might.

Anyone out there have any answers, any ideas, any worries or wonders you want to share? Please post them here if you do because I’m all out of juice.