July, 2019

NYTimes comment on Trump Impeachment

Friday, July 26th, 2019

Two Points: (1) Mueller clearly stated that Russian influence into our elections has happened and is happening now, today. Mueller’s “lackluster” appearance, as described by the Times, is an embarrassment to my subscription to your paper of record. Mueller is doing his job. I am fatigued with all the word play in the Times and other outlets like NPR, who are accepting impeachable offenses as if this President and his presidency were a reality show. Oh, wait. (2) If a President ever needed to be impeached, it is Trump. For the country’s sake, fellow Americans, he must be called to account for his lies, his historic repudiation of the Constitution and our laws and our country’s solvency. I say pay no attention to the political fallout for holding this man accountable. If Trump cannot be impeached, then what President can? And when? And why?