January, 2018

Mathilde Krim, amfAR, 1926-2018

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

RIP ~~~ Dr. Krim ~~~

My God, what a gruesome time the beginning of the AIDS epidemic was… Thank you, Dr. Krim, for all the work you did, all the awareness you brought to the AIDS epidemic through founding amfAR (The American Foundation for AIDS Research) in 1983. You deserve more credit, more coverage of your selfless commitment to finding a cure for AIDS. Here’s why:

I listened to a radio show on NPR yesterday called, The World, hosted by someone named Marco Werman, produced by PRI. He admitted to Kevin Frost, the CEO of amfAR, that he “knew nothing about her,” meaning Mathilde Krim, even though, as Mr. Werman admitted, he’s in his fifties.

And then for some reason, he mentioned Woody Allen!

Woody Allen?

How about Elizabeth Taylor, a co-founder of amfAR?

Dr. Krim founded amfAR in 1983, the year my first friend died of AIDS.

RIP Dr. Mathilde Krim