May, 2004

Too Many Pieces

Thursday, May 20th, 2004

Too Many Pieces, my new novel, is keeping me up at night and that is a good thing — voices are being heard, characters are being born, and journeys are being mapped. My goal is to complete it before the end of this year, with a little help from Mary Maxine Kidd, my alter ego.

Also in the news: Ed Begley, Jr., who attended the book launch party for my novel, Dancing on the Cellar Door, at the LA home of my Manager, Carole Wells Doheny, has come on board the …Cellar Door movie train and is helping Carole and me bring Alan Ball, of American Beauty and Six Feet Under fame, into the project. Thank you, Ed.

Congratulations Michael Moore, on winning the Palme d’Or for your documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11 , at the Cannes Film Festival. It’s an historical event not only for you and your film but for the Festival as well. May you find a new distributor ASAP and may the U.S. elect a new President ASAP, as in November, 2004.