October, 2007

Wake Up, Pelosi and Reid

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid believe that if they continue to lick the boots of the lowest rated and most incompetent President in history that their boot licking will translate into Democratic wins next year…  Think again, Pelosi and Reid.  Democrats, like me, want you to take a stand and if you are not capable of doing your jobs then resign.  The two of you placate and whitewash your statements for the President while you attack and dishonor Democratic members of Congress, like Rep. Stark, who is trying, despite your best efforts, to speak the truth about the current administration.  Get off the stage, Pelosi and Reid, before you blow the best chance Democrats have had in 20 years to become a viable opposition party to the Republicans.  Take SCHIP for example – you, Pelosi and Reid, have lost respect with Democrats outside the Beltway because you and your fellow members in Congress and the President and the Vice-President enjoy government health benefits as you deny that same privilege for the rest of the citizens of your country.  Have you no courage?  What are you waiting for?  Democrats are waiting for you to do what you were elected to do — be leaders.  Or get out of the way and let other Democrats in Congress fill your seats before it’s too late.      

Merchants selling novels,

Monday, October 15th, 2007

aka, agents.  I’m picky about who I want to represent me and my new novel.  Perhaps my age, almost in the triple digits, has something to do with it…   I have to find the perfect merchant for my new book.  So I’m putting the word “out there,” a nebulous phrase which represents a place that exists but no one can describe except for those who have found “out there.”  I’ve found the place a couple of times but it keeps moving.  Hence, my clarion call. 

Ms. Kim Witherspoon, you’re up, along with InkWell Management.    

The Military Draft

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

I support a military draft, both men and women.  I drew my number in 1973 during the Vietnam War.  My number was high and then the draft ended.  It needs to be reinstated.  Luke was drafted and he served.  The war in Iraq will never end until all families are treated equally and thus serve equally.  Then the draftees’ parents will be inspired to help the rest of us who are trying to stop the war in Iraq along with future unnecessary wars.  The Volunteers have served bravely.  And also long enough.  Iraq can’t be a war that attracts only volunteers because Blackwater “guards”, being paid roughly $1000.00/day to protect the FBI which is getting ready to investigate them in Iraq, will soon be marching up and down our streets. 

Iraq has to be a war for all of the people all of the time.