August, 2015

Joe Biden - Run for the Democratic Nomination - Please

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Joe Biden, Run for President, Please

While I would like nothing better than to vote for and see the first female president in my lifetime, Hillary Clinton makes it difficult for me. Her imperial actions around her private server emails while she was Secretary of State makes me wonder, what is up with her? I can’t help but ask - “why haven’t you figured this shit out yet, Hillary?” I hoped she wasn’t as self-destructive as Bill. But now, as I watch the Clinton froth rising to the top of the glass again, I simply can’t take it anymore. I lived through Bill’s presidency, his impeachment. He is and she is self-destructive. There is no other explanation. She knew all of this would be exposed if she ran yet she did it anyway. Why? All I can figure, since I don’t know her personally is: 1. she, like Bill, sets herself up for failure or 2. she is an idiot and I don’t want an idiot for a president again. We barely survived George W. Bush.

I want to vote for someone who has the desire to lead, the fire in the belly, like Obama had and has. Not a coronation of a reckless leader who learned leadership from her reckless husband.

Cut and paste the link below. Joe is pondering a run. I know he just lost Beau. I also know Joe is an honest and transparent man. If we don’t come up with an alternative to Clinton, she will lose as sure as I’m typing these Mac Book Pro keys.

You had 8 years, Hillary! 8 years to clean up your act and come strong out of the gate. Oh, but wait. Now you’ll be sniped at from this point on. I know, you would have been sniped at anyway but you didn’t have to make it so fucking easy for the opposition, did you? Damn.